Detail instruction for novice:

1. Browse around the categories and select the mag you want by clicking on its title or cover image.

2. That takes you to a page with details of the mag. On the bottom in a box that says "Links" is a hyperlink to the rapidshare web site. 
    Click the link.

3. That takes you to the rapidshare web site where you have the option of selecting "Premium" or "Free".
    Click the "Free" button.

4. You are then asked to enter a verification code which is displayed as jumbled letters and numbers.
    Enter that and click where it says "download from Cogent network" (or something like that).

5. Save the file to your hard disk.

6. It is a .rar file which is an archived file. To open it you need a de-archiving program such as

7. When you try to open the archive file you will be asked for a password (in fact when I used 7Zip I was asked twice).
    The to know password just see Password field in description area.

Have fun!